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Giving Care To Those Who Give Care
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Not Alone
by caregivercarepkg
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Soon after his release from the hospital, I would realize that my father refused to acknowledge his feelings: the disappointment of rapidly failing health and bad reports; the out-of-control feelings; the hurt of rejection by a girlfriend whom we all didn’t give a damn about him; the anger of ‘why is this happening to me?’

Well, all those junk feelings came rushing to the surface. They manifest through his hitting me, biting (at) me and screaming day and night. Vicious verbal attacks ensued. Food and water was thrown to the floor routinely. Refusing to eat then yelling he was hungry. Every morning found me rearranging the furniture he’d turned over the night before, and mopping up water spilled in the process. Lack of rest was taking a severe toll on me when I finally reached out to talk to someone—that talk changed my perspective and my direction (though not immediately).

This page - - it’s a result of that shift. Prior to that pivotal conversation, I was going through it by myself–confused, frustrated, misunderstood and feeling very much alone. All the healthcare professionals who had worked with him knew I was going through hell, though I don’t think they realized the full extent. Family and friends, though? Clueless-they remembered him as he was. But they had all the answers. Running like a work horse and suffering in silence left me both tired and pissed, begging for the answer to: ‘Who takes care of the caregiver?’ I found no such answer, so I created one.

At you’ll hear more of my story (there’s a lot more to it). Plus, you’ll find practical resources, encouragement and products to help you through the stress and the pain that sometimes comes with the caregiving role. So, let’s start the conversation. Bookmark us. Visit us often!


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