the wolves amoung you by angrywoman
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the wolves among you
by angrywoman
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Living amongst you, pretending to be of grand character and high morals, are wolves. These deceivers are in reality the least moral and are of no character and possibly the least productive in society. They will use any means necessary to achieve their goal. It matters not who they hurt, abuse or use. They will use any tool available to them even the innocence of a child. They wear their disguise with honor and are much to proud. Let there never be failure in these wolves homes for the consequences will be great. Beware of these creatures for one never knows when their true character will be revealed.  Some will reveal themselves slowly while others tend to be an explosion of their corrupt true selves. I fear for those of you who have these wolves masquerading in front of you. I fear for the pain that is always accompanied by this from of betrayal. The pain so great it will feel as though being placed out side naked in the blistering cold. The only hope will be the cold will numb you in time. I ask only, please beware, we all are capable of believing the deciet. In many circumstances we want to believe the deceit so it comes easy for us. But still beware, be cautious for a vicious wolf will rip it's victim apart!

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